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– Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what we have to offer –
For thousands of years, tattooing has been another form of art. The skin being the canvas. In primitive years, sticks & other sharp objects were used to pack pigments into the skin. Not only was it a form of creativity but used to alleviate pain in the body. Almost as a form of acupuncture. Many ancient cultures used tattooing as a way to preserve the skin, to portray ancient art in a new way. As time wore on, it was more common among sailors and voyagers as well as the lower and criminal class by the 19th century. Even in the past tattooing was an expensive and painful process. By the late 1800’s, tattooing had become a mark of wealth throughout Europe. Tattooing outside of prison didn’t really become a mainstream thing until the 70’s. Men like Mark Mahoney and Jack Rudy, the founding fathers of fine line tattooing really made a name for body art that would soon become a normal phenomena. Mahoney, a legend, setting the standard for black and grey tattooing for years to come. A standard that we strive to follow. Ink Studios is exactly what the name says. We are a studio. Custom, quality pieces straight from the hearts of artists from southern California carrying on the tradition of fine line tattooing in Bavaria, Germany. With art school backgrounds and over 20 years experience, we produce high quality pieces. Catering to only serious Tattoo Art Collectors designing custom pieces that build into half sleeves, full sleeves and back pieces. At Ink Studios we create body suits to stand the test of time.


- Quality over Quantity -

Ink Studios was founded in 2002 by Alessandro ” SHADE ” Bonardi, in the beautiful Coachella Valley of Southern California. After gaining recognition throughout the United States for his Fine-Line tattooing, Shade migrated to Germany in 2010 to open Europe’s first Fine-line Chicano based studio. With a focus to advance the art of Black and Grey tattooing through vision, process and experience, it has fast become and premier tattoo studio establishment throughout Bavaria. Offering high quality tattoos from a range of award winning artists, and art for true collectors. We at Ink Studios follow the principles of quality, craftsmanship and excellence without compromise, it is concretely ” Art from the Heart.”

Southern California is “The Mecca of Fine Line Tattooing” it is our culture and tradition and we take pride in carrying on this delicate craft. Giving true collectors their story in ink. Before we begin, we ask our customers to focus, to have a clear concept of what they desire. Our processes is a collaboration between artist and client. Rising from concept, gathering references and ultimately design. Creating a one of a kind piece, tailored to their size, and balanced in composition with the whole body!

Clean and friendly, this is the ideal place either starting with a small tattoo or to undertake a whole body suit.

We’ve had the pleasure of having previous guest spots around europe & U.S.A. doing pop up studio private sessions and prestigious yearly conventions such as Amsterdam, Belgium, Milan & California to name a few which in the near future will be announced on our blog, Instagram & twitter links.








Alte Amberger Str. 52

92655 Grafenwoehr • Bavaria, Germany

Monday by appointment only

Tuesday • sat 12pm - 11pm

+49 (0) 160 922 93494


We do not book tattoo appointments or estimate tattoo prices over the telephone or online, sorry!
Come by the studio where we will be happy to advise you on your tattoo, accept your deposit & begin it’s booking.