Born and raised in the heart of Southern California, the coachella valley is where i was introduced to my three major influencers; art, skaters, and gangsters. As a child i spent hours teaching myself to draw. By the time middle school came, i was taking classes at the local college and winning awards in competitions. My learning took place in a melting pot of culture, transforming my artistry into unique flavors. i was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to join the International School of Comics in florence, Italy. During my four year residency in Florence i studied anatomy, concretely enabling myself to translate art into whatever genre my subject happens to be. My own distinctive style has evolved by merging classical fine art teachings with prison art into a rare juxtaposition. This gift enables me to translate my clients life stories through fine line tattooing, leading a poetic indelible tribute to their own life experiences behind in ink.

The Collection